Beginning July 21, some maintenance projects are in progress which may result in noticeable odors being released from the Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant (LEWWTP).  These projects include tank cleaning and sewer interceptor pipe repairs.  It is anticipated this work may continue for the next 1-2 weeks. 

If you notice objectionable odors, please call the front desk at 303-762-2600 or our odor report line at 303-762-2619.  You can also fill out an odor report below on our webpage. 

 Thank you for your patience during this maintenance event.





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Dewatering Scada Screen

Three scroll centrifuges, each with a maximum capacity of 200 gpm, provide consistent sludge dewatering to approximately 18 to 20 percent solids. Currently, the plant dewaters approximately 140,000 gallons of digested sludge per day. One centrifuge operates at approximately 185 gpm for 13 hours per day on a 5-day per week schedule. The other units provides backup capability in the event of breakdown of the operating unit. Each centrifuge requires a major overhaul annually. Major overhauls usually require 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

 Centrifuge Detail Scada Screen schwing.jpg silo.jpg

  Dewatering Polymer Scada Screen DryPolyMxr.JPG PolyBlend.JPG