Beginning July 21, some maintenance projects are in progress which may result in noticeable odors being released from the Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant (LEWWTP).  These projects include tank cleaning and sewer interceptor pipe repairs.  It is anticipated this work may continue for the next 1-2 weeks. 

If you notice objectionable odors, please call the front desk at 303-762-2600 or our odor report line at 303-762-2619.  You can also fill out an odor report below on our webpage. 

 Thank you for your patience during this maintenance event.




Control Plan Policy

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A Control Plan provides the structure to ensure facilities have measures in place to prevent or reduce the potential of unwanted discharge to the sanitary sewer, stormwater drainage system and environment. This policy addresses requirements of industrial and commercial users regarding the development of a Control Plan to describe procedures, operations, activities, logs, etc, covering an unlimited range of subjects. Commonly, a Control Plan is used to prevent and control spills and prevent accidental discharges. Additional requirements of the plan include the inspection and maintenance of storage areas, handling and transfer of materials, control of plant site run off, worker training, building of containment structures or equipment, measures for containing toxic organic pollutants, and measures for emergency response. This policy applies to all industrial/commercial users within the L/E WWTP service area.


Control Plan Policy