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Pretreatment Division Staff

  • Jon Bridges, Administrator: Enforcement, Program Implementation
  • Tim Grossbach, Specialist II:  Permit Management
  • Derik Caudill, Specialist II:  Permit Management, Local Limits
  • Hope Dalton, Specialist II:  Plan Reviews, Sanitation District Liaison 
  • Deborah Trusty, Specialist I:  Silver Program, HCSC Program, Universal Waste Program, Septic Program
  • Gwen Lawrence, Specialist I:  POGS Program, Mobile Washers Program
  • Diana Sandoval, Specialist I:  FOG Program

If you or your environmental staff have any regulatory questions, the Industrial Pretreatment division can be contacted a variety of ways:

Name Phone Number
 Jon Bridges
 303-762-2604  Contact Jon
 Hope Dalton
 303-783-6844  Contact Hope
 Deborah Trusty  303-762-2622  Contact Deb
 Tim Grossbach
 303-762-2633  Contact Tim
 Derik Caudill
 303-783-6802  Contact Derik
 Gwen Lawrence
 303-762-2626  Contact Gwen
 Diana Sandoval
 303-762-2623  Contact Diana

Fax Number:  (303) 762-2620